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Our company KEL-Engineering was established in the area of Elfsis, Greece. The initial working area target was glass injection molds for the medicine and glass bottling industry. Over the years, the company evolved into manufacturing and repairing metal parts and machinery

Over the years, our company evolved into manufacturing and repairing metal parts and machinery for the heavy industry. Nowadays, our company (known as Efstratios K. Legatos Workshop) operates as workshop into the area of Aspropirgos and is specialized into manufacturing precision metal parts for the heavy industry and repairing machinery such as gear reducers, with the use of manually operated machinery as well as -state of the art- CNC machines.


The primary target of our company is to gain the appreciation and the preference from our customers through the projects and services that can be provided. Every day we modernize our production procedures and we are constantly trying to keep up with the rapid technology advancement so that the final product or service provided is both affordable and of exceptional quality without sacrificing the initial request.

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Our company follows strict rules for achieving the best quality of the final product or service, taking into consideration the environmental responsibility and forwarding legit competition. We are trying to optimize the final product using edge technology, reducing labor and manufacturing costs without reducing quality and usability.